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Isle of Midnight Productions

Music Production and Custom Soundscapes, learn how we can enhance your current project to give it a unique and powerful presentation.  Take what you have and make it better, find out how we can help...

Are you Solo Artist?  Would you like to capture an acoustic performance of yourself for promotional purposes.  If you're a Solo Vocalist and need to have the music prepared in advance, no problem, we'll have the track ready for you when you need it.  We can even send you a copy so that you can prepare in advance to get the best possible results (guitar or piano) If you like how this sounds then check out our Solo Artist Special program and get noticed NOW!

Christopher Carrion

My Solo Project specializing in Metal, Rock, Ambient and Orchestral Music

Persephone's Dream School of Music

Want a real education in how to be competitive in the modern music industry?  Learn from the best and kickstart your career now!

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How can we help you?

Whether you are looking for a custom quote or just want to learn more about how we can assist you in creating an awesome customized piece of musical art, just shoot us a message, we'd love to hear from you and help in whatever way we can!

Isle of Midnight Productions/Christopher Carrion

116 Wellington St, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3C6, Canada

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SOLO ARTIST SPECIAL : Capture your Acoustic Performance and get noticed NOW!

Killer Audio Solutions

Isle of Midnight Productions

We strive for one thing, to create the best and highest quality audio productions on the planet.  Whether its music for a Custom Cover Song or an underlying musical score for Television, Film, Documentary or Web Video we work at the highest possible level to ensure that your final product meets and exceeds your expectations.  We use industry standard software and hardware solutions to create, mix, produce and master your project such that the final product will blow. you. away.  

Our second purpose is to provide affordable and reliable audio production (post-recording phase) to various musical projects who want their EP or Full Release to sound amazing.  Find out how we can take your musical vision to the next level and really make a big impact on the movers and shakers in the industry with a killer product that showcases how incredibly unique and amazing you are, contact us now and start the process of turning "pretty good" into "knock your socks off"!

Finally, for those of you that aspire to get into the music industry and are looking to collaborate with an established producer, we offer very reasonable rates for custom designed songs in a variety of musical styles.  We also offer convenient Vocal capture and production services for those who do not have access to a studio or are looking for a more cost effective means of capturing their Vocal performance.  Design your song from the ground up and have personal access to a killer musician who is ready to work with you and design a slammin' track that will showcase your unique abilities.  Why sit on the sidelines? dreaming of building your portfolio when wou can get started now!  Get in touch with us and lets get your career moving in the right direction.

Christopher Carrion

Christopher Carrion is a solo project that I use a vehicle for my musical output and artistic muses.  It is incredibly diverse and consistently strives to redefine what is possible.  I write in many styles and genres such as Metal, Rock, Classical Guitar, Electronic, Ambient and Orchestral.  I'm on all major streaming sites and Online Retailers.  If you need help with how to find my music or for other types of inquiries like collaborations, get at me and lets make some music together!

Persephone's Dream School of Music

How do you become competitive in the music industry?  What are the keys to creating compelling music that will get people listening to your musical output?  At Persephone's Dream School of Music we show you the steps to writing killer songs and capturing them with cutting edge audio production techniques that will make people notice you.  Stop wasting your time with online video tutorials and stereotypical third party educational sites.  Get hands on experience with what it takes to create, capture, produce and master your musical vision.  

Persephone's Dream is where you come when you feel you've maxed out your current learning potential with a conventional music school.  At Persephone's Dream we only accept those who have a demonstrated aptitude for music and music production, you don't get to choose, you are chosen.  Are you ready to join an elite group of next level musicians.  Then send us your details and an audio or video capture of what you are capable of.  We respond to all inquiries but reserve the right to choose only those that display and adequate level of musicianship and determination.  We are not for everybody but for those ready to become pro's, we are the only real alternative.  Are you ready? then let's see what you've got...

Please send the following:

  1. Your Email address
  2. A complete list of your musical education thus far
  3. A list of any musical accolades you have garnered (Kiwanis, Royal Conservatory of Music)
  4. A Video or Audio recording of 2 of your best performances
  5. A list of 5 goals you wish to achieve while attending the school
  6. A brief description of yourself and where you see your musical career taking you in the next 5 years.

What we offer:

  1. A comprehensive education in relevant Music Theory (Harmony and Melody)
  2. A foundational approach to Classical Music skills (Repertoire and Technique) - Piano/Guitar
  3. Song Writing Mastery
  4. Improvisational Skills
  5. Audio Production strategies with a comprehensive Knowledge Base
  6. Mixing and Mastering knowledge essential to creating a compelling product.
  7. Audio Production projects where you mix and produce real world music projects.

Christopher Carrion - The Disciple of Zuul - Act I

Track #3 from The Disciple of Zuul - Act I, beautifully lush, organic and evil ;)

1. Architects of Destiny

Track #1 from The Disciple of Zuul - Act II, dark, ethereal and spacious

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Your support means everything to us and as you probably already know, it's kind of tough to make a living in the Music Industry these days.  You can help by making a donation, we sincerely appreciate it!  Thank you :)

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